Goodies in the mail & what I am working on!

First of all, I joined in on the Minnesota Quilt Designer Blog Hop from June 22 to July 3. If you commented on all ten blogs you were eligible for prizes. Here are the winners. I didn’t win any of the main prizes, but I did win something even better!

Look what came in the mail today from Jamie Kalvestran – PICT9177

I had looked at Jamie’s blog and scrap bag patterns and really admired them. I have had an itch to do a check book cover and a purse….and my name was drawn as one of her ten winners during the Hop. Now how cool is that! Take the time to look at her patterns – they are really awesome!

I even opened them and looked and I think I can figure these out! Yay. I may even make some for Christmas presents….Shhh. Don’t tell any of my family!

My other mail goodie was an order from Superior Threads. I am working on a quilt that needed some specific colors in it so I ordered them Monday and they arrived today. GREAT service at Superior (plus I REALLY love their thread!)

Superior ThreadsThese are the colors that will go with the quilt I am currently working on – I will show that a little later in this post. This is So Fine thread and I use it a lot in both top and bottom. This is my new favorite thread!

Masterpiece thread

These colors are Masterpiece and I use them for piecing quilts. The lighter color is called linen. I bought one cone of this about two years ago, I believe, at MQS. I am not quite finished with that cone and that is almost exclusively the color I use for piecing unless I am using two really dark fabrics.

Here is the quilt I have been working on. The center of this quilt is actually a panel of the Empire State Building. Ellen H's Empire State quilt

I have been doing SID around all the borders and the motifs.

Empire State building center medallion

This is the center portion. I am really excited about how this will turn out…I have some ideas for the borders. I really am trying to stay with the feel of the quilt…the big city and older, ornate buildings and workmanship. The piecer is Ellen H. in my guild. She grew up in New York and Staten Island, so this quilt really means a lot to her. I just hope the quilting enhances it!


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