Lots going on!

Well, I have had a lot going on – I have one post waiting to publish about the latest quilt I finished…but you will all have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see it! I deliver it to Ellen H. tomorrow morning….I am excited and think it is gorgeous!

I am starting another quilt also for another customer, Carol W. It is for a relative, Stephanie, who is going off to college. Nikki has really fallen in love with it because, you guessed it, it has pink in it along with green, red, yellow and other gorgeous colors.

Here is the other thing I have been working on – I finished four more of the Marine stockings from my stash for guild tomorrow night –

Marine stockings

I have a tutorial almost finished for making these stockings. Our guild is committed to making 1000 of them this year – enough for a whole battalion. I was having trouble following the written directions, so took photos as I made a couple of them. I hope to post that one tomorrow also.

Ann H's row Here is a photo of the latest pizza box quilt I am working on. This box belongs to Ann and has a bunch of older Debbie Mumm sea-themed fabrics. I really wanted to do a Storm at Sea block for this, so worked it up in EQ6 before I actually made the blocks. There is a limit on the height of the rows, 8 inches, so I had to do some pretty complicated calculations to figure out how big to make the blocks and partial blocks. The blocks are 7.6 inches tall. The small square in a square blocks in the cornerstones are 1 and 7/8 inch finished size! It is paper pieced and was very easy to do with EQ6.

Center block

Another block center

I fussy cut the fish in each center block.

Corner stone

And each of the shells in the cornerstones.

Two blocks side by side

Notice the shells in the cornerstones are each oriented differently depending on where they are in the row.

This was definitely a challenge and fun row to work on. I have learned so much from each quilt I have done!

Well, I have to get back at it! Look for the big post tomorrow!


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