Ellen’s Empire State Building quilt finished!

Woo hoo! I finished a customer quilt last Saturday….this was a complicated one with a lot of small stippling and design work. I showed the quilt on a previous post, but here are some of the work in progress and the finished quilt.

I really had to get creative on quilting this one….The small quilting was hard to see, so I rigged up some “hillbilly” side lighting for my machine. Only a country girl would use heat lamp shades for side lighting on her long arm! LOL

Sidelighting to quilt

I turned off the overhead lighting and used this set up. At one point, I had lamps on both sides of the machine head. Made the quilting much easier and quicker.

This quilt is an Empire State Building panel pieced by Ellen H. in my guild. She grew up in New York and Staten Island and loves Art Deco. A lot of what I did for preparing to quilt this quilt was research Art Deco and the buildings of that time. Beautiful work! There is some really cool stuff  and a lot that would make wonderful quilts. The quilting motifs I did on this quilt were designed by me using Art Deco pictures for inspiration – that and the fabric itself!

Here is some of the quilting. Note the photos are NOT square because it is hard to take pictures of a quilt when you are trying to use side lights to highlight the quilting!

Center medallion - Empire State building panelThis is part of the center panel. I stitched in the black to depress it and make the rest pop.

Center panelAs you can see in this photo, the “arches” over and between the buildings just continues the motifs found in the center of the quilt.

Close up of arches

Arches close up - second type of arches with pebbles

Note that alternating “arches” between the buildings have different stippling in them. Every other one has pebbling in part of it, while the alternates have an additional arch.

Art Deco Sunray motifThis one is hard to see at this angle, but it is an art deco sunray motif from the corner extending out toward the buildings. The rust colored thread carries the sun rays out into the black fabric.

River "McTavishing"

This section is McTavished – the fabric is sort of a river print with stones in it, so I thought “river” McTavishing would give it the perfect texture.

I am going to put the rest of the photos in a gallery. You should be able to click on each photo to enlarge it and look at it in detail. All the photos were taken with side lighting from either one or two directions and some were of the quilting in progress….


4 thoughts on “Ellen’s Empire State Building quilt finished!

  1. Thank you, Portia and Julianne! It was a lot of work, but worth it. I had 20 hours in the quilting, that doesn’t even include design time! The things we do for quilting!

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