Marine Christmas Stockings – tutorial

My quilt guild helps make stockings for marines each year. I wanted to do them last year, but never could figure out the written directions. I can do quilts, but when it comes to making stuff inside out and all that other stuff, I am a much more visual person. I gave up last year.

This year the guild had some pre-cut kits we could pick up. I thought that was just the ticket to get me going on these, so I stopped by and picked up three kits. While there, are former night-president, Ann H., walked me through putting them together. Yesterday, I actually got all three of them made! Woo hoo!

I thought there might be some other folks out there who would find it easier to have a step-by-step visual of the process, so I took pictures as I was making the stockings.


  1. Cut stockings from the pattern provided. Here is the link to the website – OPQG – scroll down on the left and you will see Christmas Stockings for Marine in red. This has both the directions and the pattern. Here are mine cut out – one stocking half right side up, one stocking half right side down, cuff, trim for the cuff, and ribbon.Cut out pieces
  2. Decorate the cuff with rick rack, trim or ribbon of your choice. I put mine up just about a half an inch from bottom of the cuff. Ann used really pretty decorative stitches from her sewing machine for this.cuff with rick rackAnn's trimmed cuff #2Ann's trimmed cuff
  3. Sew stocking halves right sides together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Leave the top open.  As you can see, I pinned both the cuff and the stocking prior to sewing. Pin the short ends of the cuff together, right sides together, and sew using the 1/4 inch seam allowance also. Pinned and ready to sew
  4. Clip seams on the stocking at the curves (this was the part I hated the most!)Clipped seams
  5. Turn stocking and cuff right side out and finger press seams, then press with an iron.Stocking and cuff - right side out
  6. Place the two ends of the ribbon (the hanger)  inside the stocking on the back edge by the seam with cut edges facing up.  And a close up….Ribbon in stockingClose up of ribbon
  7. Ease the cuff inside the stocking with the right side of the cuff toward the wrong side (inside) of the stocking with the ribbon sandwiched in between the stocking and cuff. Secure with pins. Cuff inside stocking
  8. Stitch the stocking and cuff together with a 1/4 inch seam.Seam sewn
  9. Now pull up the cuff and turn the seam allowance down toward the toe and heel of the stocking.Cuff turned up
  10. Carefully stitch around the top of the stocking from the inside, close to the seam, being careful to stitch through both seam allowances.second stitching line added
  11. Fold the cuff down over the stocking and press the edge.Finished stocking
  12. Enjoy your finished handiwork!Finished stockings

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