French poodles and baseball….

It is so cute how kids are….I was putting them to bed tonight, and after our prayers, Mini-me always puts in a request for what he wants for breakfast….well, he asked for “French poodles”  in the morning! Always makes me laugh. He means toaster strudel, but I can’t help but crack up at “French poodles” – they do sound kind of similar! The first time he asked Big Brother for a french poodle was really something….. Big Brother had no clue….LOL. The only thing I can think of that they would even know the words French poodle would be from “The Snoodles“, a wonderful Veggie Tales video that I am in love with.

Mini-me absolutely adores his big brother and wants to do every thing just like him. Mini-me has decided he is going to play baseball like Big Brother, and is already on the way. I think he actually “practices” more than Big Brother, and the two of them go outside and hit quite a bit. The Hunter and I had given Mini-me some blue baseball pants for Christmas last year, so this year whenever it was time for one of Big Brother’s games, Mini-me would go dress (by himself) for the game. He put on blue ball socks that went up over his thighs clear to his underwear, then his blue game pants, and a yellow (soccer) shirt that had a number on it. It was his “game” shirt even though it was soccer because #1 – Mini-me can’t read yet, and #2 – it had a number on it, just like the big boy’s shirts. Then he would top it off with one of Big Brother’s old caps (or his hunting cap after he lost one of Big Brother’s) and his ball glove and he would be ready to go. He dressed HIMSELF! with the pants pulled up high on the socks and everything!Matt in baseball gear

Well, one of the mothers at the game had an old shirt of one of her son’s that was green and had “Irish” on the front like the “big boys” wore, so she brought it and gave it to Mini-me as a gift. Talk about heaven! It was really cool because the number on the little shirt was 27, the same number Big Brother wears. So here is Mini-me with his new shirt and another hat of Big Brother’s…..ain’t he cute! (I am partial!)

Matt catching a ball

Here is Big Brother on first base….Michael on 3rd

You know, when you play baseball your pants get really dirty…(even if you have to dig up the dirt and throw it on them!)

Dirt for the game

and you have to practice your swing……Matt swinging a bat

and if you are really on top of your game, you get to sit in the dugout with girls hanging all over you (even if you are still young enough you don’t appreciate it)!In the dugout

Speaking of the girls…here is what they were up to…The girls

and before the afternoon was over they were bumming seats in the shade!Shade

What a great time! Mini-me was just so sorry the season is over!


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