VBS week

Well, it seems like time is just flying by! This last week was the kids’ and my first VBS – Big Brother and I worked and the kids went to class. They had a blast, so did I, but we are all still exhausted.

Here are some fun photos from the week –

It was a great time, but I am glad to get things back to normal. The kids learned so much and are going around singing, “God is good!” and things like that. It is wonderful! We can’t wait for next year!


2 thoughts on “VBS week

  1. Bari, your children are awesome and you are a quilter extraordinaire. My favorite is the one you made to thank the soldier. See ya’ on Facebook!

    PS-Ever done a mule quilt?

    • Hey, Nina – I haven’t done a mule quilt, but have an elk quilt kit in the waiting stage and am planning my own design of a mallard quilt. We are a HUGE duck hunting family, and I would like to do a whole series on ducks/geese….time though, you know how that is!

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