New border options at the request of Nancie V

Nancie V at Stashbusters looked at my border options from my previous post and said she thought a crescent border would look really cool…so I just had to try it in EQ. I hate the effect of the tiling from the size of the sample of fabric in EQ, but this is still better than having just my imagination to go on!

Option 4:Border option 4

Now I still haven’t measured what the repeat is….and will have to figure out for the mitered corners.

Option 5:Option 5

And another with the crescents rotated in the corners, Option 6:Option 6

Here are a couple of other options with the lighter fabric background. Option 7:Option 7

and Option 8:AP 8

I am just going to have to play with it on the computer and see what I can do with the prints in front of me!


2 thoughts on “New border options at the request of Nancie V

  1. Oooh, I like #7! The red triangles were looking rather isolated in #4-6, but you balanced the red in #7 by adding flowers in the cornerstones. The cream background of the border balances the light triangles in the center. I also like the medallion you created in the center of each border.

    The only important thing is “Which one do YOU like best??” 😉

  2. Well Am I ever impressed. I don’t think I know how to work my eq anywhere close to you!! That is impressive. Sorry about your cantaloupe.. major bummmer!

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