Swim lesson photos and more border options….

Mini-me and Munchie had swim lessons tonight. They have been really good for the kids, and Munchie loves to swim. Mini-me can take it or leave it and would prefer to fish, but he is getting much more comfortable. He actually put most of his head under water tonight, which is a HUGE step for him.

PICT9659Here the kids are all lined up on the side of the pool.

PICT9645Mini-me with his ears under the water – he had no problems floating around the pool or playing around like this. I think his main problem with putting his head under the water is with getting water in his eyes. He has always hated water in his eyes, ever since his first baths as a baby.


PICT9666This is Munchie playing in the fountain with one of the teachers. This gal is phenomenal with the kids and makes it fun for them. She also has the patience of Job…LOL.


I actually had some time to play with some quilt blocks and borders today. These blocks in this first picture are all made from stash and will be given to my guild to be made into a quilt for donation to hospitals for babies that would otherwise go home without any blanket of any kind.PICT9625

I also played with the actual fabric for borders for my American Primer quilt top. I posted some mock-ups in EQ6 in two earlier posts – here and here – but knew I just needed to put hands on the fabric. So, here are some additional options –

pict9631This first one has the crescents in the first border and then the outer border is a wide dark blue with the red flowers on the white background appliqued on to it.

PICT9628This second one is just reversed, with the crescents in the outermost border.

These are  just rough glimpses of what these may look like. Corners on all would be mitered and (hopefully!) look much better. I just folded fabric enough to get a rough idea to photograph.

I don’t like the fact that both borders are approximately the same width. Maybe I could cut the floral border in half and put the wider crescent border on the outside (be much easier than appliqueing both edges of that border!). I just had this idea and think I will play with it tomorrow and see how that would look.


One thought on “Swim lesson photos and more border options….

  1. from what i see, and i know it could change whe sewn,
    i like the heavier cressent border on the outside of the quilt
    it seems to hold the quilt together…BWT i love both border
    fabrics as you have cut them


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