Sewing supply cases and my design wall…

I thought you all might get a chuckle out of what is on my design wall today….while I was busy making my sewing supply cases for guild this evening, Munchie was auditioning quilt designs on my design wall.

Nikki's design wall

She had a REALLY cute design up there earlier, I just didn’t get my camera quick enough.  I think I am going to have to make her her very own design wall and keep a bunch of fabric scraps there for her to play with….hmmmmm (if you could see me you would see the wheels turning in my head!)

Here is what I worked on:

PICT9740This is the inside of the case with contrasting fabric.

PICT9741The outside of the case….


The case folded up and tied.

These are from a free pattern at Sewing Republic ( ), Bernina’s website. The theme for the guild’s boutique was sewing room related items, so I thought this would work well.

Here is the other case I made –



Notice the selvedge ties? I couldn’t find any tape, ribbon, rope or anything else that would work for the ties, so I thought, “Why not selvedges?” Each bag has one selvedge from one of the fabrics it was made from. Had to make do for the others! LOL.

Glad these are done and can’t wait to get back to quilting!


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