Another blogiversary and giveaway!

Must be the month for anniversaries!

Regena at Quilt N Quilt Things is having a give-away to celebrate her 100th post and her first blogging anniversary. Here is the link to her post – go there, visit, and leave a comment to win a bunch of cool stuff, including another quilt! Deadline is August 28!

NOTE: Wow – I just looked and I have only been blogging since January of this year and I already have 108 posts….Can you call me chatty? LOL


4 thoughts on “Another blogiversary and giveaway!

  1. Hi! What a neat blog you have put together.
    I really enjoyed reading them.
    Thanks for showing the pix of the sewing supply cases. That is a good idea and I am going to try that pattern out.
    I’d love to win your give away, but if I don’t I figure I’ve won anyway by finding your blog and I’ll be checking back!
    Jackie in San Antonio

  2. Hi. I can’t seem to find a way to email you off-blog to say thanks for stopping at my site yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it and will come again.

    I’m now going to sit and browse through yours.

    Take care


  3. Hello, it’s me again.

    I’ve just spent some time looking at your blog, and wanted to say I think your quilting is AMAZING. I specially loved what you had done on the Empire State Building quilt.

  4. Thanks, Sue! That quilt was a lot of fun, sweat, and tears…..pretty intense with making up some of my own quilting patterns from Art Deco patterns researched on the web.


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