Labor Day weekend activities

We drove to the Hunter’s mom’s for the Labor Day weekend. The kids were really excited – Mini-me and Big Brother about fishing and Munchie about riding Grandma Judi and Grandpa Dave’s horses. We went up Friday afternoon, and wouldn’t you know the first thing the kids did is hit the pond!

Matt & bluegillHere is Mini-me with his first bluegill of the weekend. Ain’t that just the cutest kid on earth? He is SO passionate about fishing. Can’t tell how many times we changed the bait on his hook because the other wasn’t working quite like he wanted….LOL.

Michael's bass and GrandpaBig Brother’s first bass of the evening also…there are still some lunkers in that ole pond, and Big Brother has discovered the joy, or challenge, of getting them caught!

For those squeamish folks, no bass or bluegill were sacrificed during this fish fest…we were strictly on the catch and release program! LOL.

Everybody...This is everybody but Grandma Judi and I. I like to stick to being behind the lens if possible….

Friday overnight it began to storm and didn’t clear up until after 10:00 AM. I think we got over 3 inches of rain, which was much needed up there, but talk about muddin’ it at the pond! The guys (and I) all headed out in shorts with boots because of the mud and went to fishing. Well, Grandpa Dave went to feed horses and tacked up Steele for Munchie. Munchie is partial to white horses and really wanted to ride Steel (an older gray horse) and Spirit (a Palomino). So we ended up riding in our shorts and boots…Nikki on Steele

I got to lead Munchie around for quite a while. The Hunter even picked up my camera and took some photos, but because this is MY blog, I chose NOT to show the picture of me in my shorts with my laced up Ariat’s on….LOL.

Nikki & GrandpaLater in the day, after some more fishing, Munchie got in trouble over something, so she was over buttering up Grandpa, hoping he would let her do what the Hunter and I told her she couldn’t! She sure knows how to work ’em over!

Nikki's fishing poleBut Munchie did get over her little problem, and ended up making her own fishing pole from a stick, some discarded fishing line, and an old bobber she found. Here she is flippin’ a tree trying for a bass like Mini-me. She never thought she might need a hook and bait….

Matt's bassThis is Mini-me’s little bass. He had just made me change his bait from a blue and black jig to a white swim bait…first cast he caught a little bass! Other than the Hunter and I tying bait on or hooking the worms when he was blue gill fishing, Mini-me did it all on his own. He is going to give the Hunter some competition when he gets older!

Big Brother did catch a really big bass Saturday morning, early, but it kind of died out after that. Both Big Brother and Mini-me fished ALL day long! Wore the Hunter and I out just keeping them outfitted!

NikkiMunchie had fun playing in the dirt and planting weeds she had pulled up.

This was Grandma Judi’s hummingbird feeder. It was right on the back porch and you might have five or six of the little buggers buzzing around over your head and fighting over food rights.Judi's hummers


2 thoughts on “Labor Day weekend activities

  1. Thanks, Tracy! Yes, we all had fun. I love taking pictures….just have to take a LOT of them to get a few good ones. That is my secret of photography for the day…..


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