More aprons!

Here is what I have been working on – Both aprons

Amy's apron

This black one with pink and black striped accents if for my niece, Amy, who is getting married in a week and a half. The black material with the white design is what I am using for her table coverings at her shower this coming Saturday. Had leftover fabric, so what else could I do but make her an apron? We shall see how it goes over…..LOL

Pink with pocketsThis pink one was made as a gift for a friend. I designed and added the pockets myself. It has a bit of a learning curve, for me anyway. Now if I can just remember the shortcuts and easier ways I found to do things when I make my next one….

And I also finished piecing the center top and the first border for the All Squared Up quilt. Just one more border to go and that will be ready to quilt.  This photo is just the first nine blocks of 24.

All Squared Up preview


3 thoughts on “More aprons!

  1. Your aprons are lovely- I have some pink & brown for a new apron, it’s on my list!
    I also like the “All Squared Up” quilt I think I want to make one! I’ll put that on my list too!
    I had twin boys when my oldest son was only 18months old! It makes life interesting!

    • Thank you, Ros! The all squared up quilt came together very quickly and easily, and is gorgeous. Well worth the money and I will be doing quite a few more of them.

      I didn’t know you had twins! And an 18 month old…and all boys! Wow, yes, it did make life interesting for you. I noticed the photo of Lucas on your blog…is he the oldest or one of the twins? Quite a handsome young man!

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