Turkeys, hunting, and flowers

We were up this morning getting ready to get the day going when the Hunter came running back. He said there were some turkeys in our front yard. They were out in front of the kids’ room and were five of them – one hen and four young from this spring. They wandered across the front yard and down the side yard – when I saw a LOT more turkeys coming across the road and around the woods to join them.

PICT9901This picture is not the best because it was taken through a window screen, but there are 13 turkeys in this photo alone.

Big Brother counted and we had a total of 19 turkeys feeding in our yard! It was so cool!

Here is a photo of the Hunter from yesterday – Teal season starts today, so he and Big Brother and Grandpa Mike are going teal hunting this afternoon. The Hunter was getting all the hunting stuff ready to go.Jeff in waders

And this last photo is of Munchie and some flowers she had picked. No blooming plant is safe here, as Munchie will pick it before you know it to put on the table. This sunflower was a volunteer that came up by our birdfeeder…Nikki & flowers


3 thoughts on “Turkeys, hunting, and flowers

  1. We have a small town, LaConner, in our community and they have been fighting a war with all the wild turkeys who wander around town. There have been several news reports about their dire situation. Have fun with the turkeys. LOL

  2. Very cool. The first time I saw Wild Turkeys I thought they were peacocks that were sick. My Dad won’t ever let me forget. And I WILL NOT tell you how old I was when I said that!!

  3. Dena – we don’t yet have a problem with the turkeys, though one of them did tear one of the largest branches off a small dogwood I have planted in the front yard. They are fun and goofy to watch.

    The funniest thing I have seen with a turkey was when there was a young jake right in the middle of downtown Springfield (town of about 120,000 to 180,000). He was down in the center square area – now that area is known for hosting a lot of homeless folks, but a homeless turkey? hmmm

    Alycia – I can just imagine your dad and the turkeys! I won’t ask how old you were either… 😉


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