Quilting again

Well, I finally have time to work on quilts again. I have a couple of customer quilts to finish up in the next 10 days, plus Ursula’s quilt to finish, quilt and bind. I need to get of fthe computer and get them done……LOL.

Have a mentioned I am homeschooling the kids also? We are doing the Hands On Homeschooling curriculum for this year. It has been going okay so far. The kids LOVE “going to school” and doing “home work”. The last couple of weeks have been kind of messed up, but it will take time to get the process down. I have been searching out some homeschooling blogs for ideas. There are so many ideas out there it is hard to wade through them.

Wish me luck…


2 thoughts on “Quilting again

  1. I have a friend who is retired from a government job and she assists a friend of her son’s with homeschooling his children. She’s a natural. I told her she missed her calling. There are a lot of resources out there for people who are interested in homeschooling there children. I know one of the biggest resource my friend uses is a local group she found. She said they offer great support as well as link her to a wealth of local resources. Also, I know there are some groups on Yahoo! whose topics are homeschooling. It’s amazing how much information is shared in this forum. Good luck!

  2. Dena, I hadn’t thought to check Yahoo groups yet for the homeschooling info. Thanks for the reminder! Part of it is that it is hard to wade through all the info as it is…LOL. Kind of like quilting.

    Your friend is very blessed to be a natural at this! I find I am too disciplined or to goal driven for the kids at the age they are. I really have to work to rein myself in…part of growing I guess.


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