Canning tomatoes

Our tomato plants have produced really well this year, but with only four plants, you never have enough at one time to can them – or at least, enough to make it worth while! 😉 And we can’t eat them fast enough.

So, instead of tossing some more tomatoes out – I went yesterday morning to the Farmer’s Market and bought two flats of canning tomatoes for $16.00 to round out what I had from our garden.

Yesterday morning and afternoon I canned 13 quarts, two batches of them and had almost a full flat left over. Here is the photo of that round –

I finished them up this morning and have to say the practice sure is making it easier. I had the process streamlined and it went really fast….now if I can just remember how I did it next time I can tomatoes! (Next year, maybe?).


Now, I REALLY have to get back to quilting!


3 thoughts on “Canning tomatoes

  1. Sorry, I can’t seem to send you a private reply, but wanted to thankyou for the address for Urban Elementz you left on my blog the other day. I found a free pattern there I loved, contacted them and got permission to digitize it and will be using that now.

  2. Great job on the tomatos! The home schooling sounds fun. I bet the kiddos will love it. My friend Homeschools and it always takes her a little bit to get into the routine – but she LOVES it!

    • I am finally getting the tomato thing down pat…I did four more quarts yesterday and actually had the tomatoes ready before the dishwasher finished with the jars to put them in!

      We will see on the homeschooling…I still haven’t got the routine down. Maybe because we don’t HAVE a routine! LOL

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