Some quilting done!

Wow, it has been a busy couple of weeks! We had the Hunter’s mom here this weekend, Big Brother was a guard in the school play of Robin Hood and had four performances last week and this weekend.

Plus I finished a quilt for Ellen H. Won’t post any pictures yet, as she has not yet picked it up…but after she does I will post them. This is the first photo quilt I have done, and I still want to play a little with the photos – they may need a little quilting. I am going to let Ellen look at it first and see what she wants to do. I am going to have to print out a photo on fabric then quilt over the photo to see how it actually looks then we can decide after that….I will post the results later.

Meanwhile, here is another D9P finished. The Hunter took this to work with him bright and early Monday morning as a gift to a co-worker who had a baby. The friend is a HUGE golf nut, therefore little Jake got a golf themed quilt…LOL.
Jake's D9P

I have had this main green golf fabric forever, intending to use the many yards of it maybe on the back of a quilt for my mom and dad (even bigger golf fanatics!). I still have enough to put in a quilt for them…LOL
Close up of fabric

And this is the back.
Back of Jake's quilt
I probably like this golf fabric even more than the green….

I also finished my next “pizza box” row for our guild’s exchange. This one is in ’30’s repros and belongs to Joan. The rows she has so far are really awesome… I researched mine in BlockBase and EQ6 as I haven’t done any of the 30’s repros….don’t even have any fabric in my stash! Here is what I ended up with –

Flowing ribbon row

The block is Flowing Ribbon and was published in the Kansas City Star in 1933. I modified it slightly, as the actual block looks like an “S” with the ends curving inside the block. I made the ribbon continue down the row, and just had the inward curls on the two outside blocks.

Flowing Ribbon - 1933

Joan, if you are reading this I guess you are getting a preview! LOL! Lorraine checks my blog, so knows what I have done, but I get her box LAST, so am not going to post what I do for her until AFTER she gets the actual box. I am mean that way….LOL


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