Homemade bread….

Well, it is NOT Judy L’s homemade whole wheat bread, but it is the best I have ever done…in fact, it is the first bread I have ever baked (kinda…)

BreadThe Hunter’s mom, Judi, has been cleaning out years of accumulation of stuff at her house and has passed some of it on to me. The first item she gave me was a bread maker – one of those you put all the ingredients into then it mixes, lets rise, and bakes all on its own. She gave it to me when we went up for Labor Day weekend and I just now have had time to try it out.

I tried just the basic white bread to start out with and it turned out really well! Big Brother waited up before going to bed and joined me for some fresh, hot bread with butter on it.

I have really been wanting to bake bread and would like to get a Bosch mixer to knead it with, but free versus several hundred dollars…hummmmm. This tastes pretty good to me! Maybe someday I will get the fancy mixer and grain mill…


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