What I have been working on…..

I really have been doing some sewing…not much, but I have!

This first photo is of a tote I made for Munchie. She and MIni-me got library cards a couple weeks ago and each wanted a bag to carry their loot in from the library. They each picked out fabric from my (their stashes?) stash. Munchie chose a rose fabric that Cathy had given to her for a backing. It is gorgeous!

Lazy Girl's free tote pattern

I modified the pattern a little, to make it fit Munchie better, but the handles ended up being just a tad short. Not too bad for a first try though! The pattern came from the Lazy Girl’s website and is one of their free patterns – the 1 hour, 1 yard tote bag. This one isn’t quilted, but is lined in a really ingenious fashion.

I am making another one for Mini-me. It is for a smaller, quilted bag that I am modifying to make larger and is another free bag pattern I found. I will show it and post the link when I am totally finished! It will be very different from Munch’s.

This is a block I did for MWQA’s First Saturday block.


Again, I modified the block. The pattern called for all the squares to be the same light tan color except for the center, dark block. I added the darker brown for some more color (and just cause I hate doing things just like everybody else!).

I am also working on a quick panel quilt for a gift for this coming Wednesday. They announced in my Women’s Bible Study class last Wednesday that there was going to be a baby shower for a gal that is relatively new to our church. This is her FOURTH child, but she has never had a baby shower before! She didn’t live by any of her or her husband’s family when the others were born, and didn’t have a church family at the time. So of course, I have to make a quilt for her, but don’t have time to actually piece one. I will post photos when I am completely done with it. The quilting should be done tonight.

Jeff’s mom, Judi, brought Munchie a small desk for her room. I don’t have time or energy to refinish it at this point (plus she really loved the girly colors), but the chair seat had to be reupholstered, so I pulled it off and covered it with a fluffly pink home dec fabric. I really would have liked a darker pink that wouldn’t show dirt as much, but pink in the home dec department is kind of scarce! LOL.


Munchie is really into the posing for the camera right now. I hope she doesn’t forget this when I want to take fall portrait-type pics of her and Mini-me!

Here is the chair without Munchie on it. The desk is in the background.


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