Virtual Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

Remember I told you that Amy, at Park City Girl, is having another quilt festival to coincide with Fall Market in Houston? A virtual quilt show for all of us staying home…. I missed the spring show, but have decided to join in the fun for this fall.

Here is the link to the Quilt Festival main page – don’t forget to go back and take a look at all the wonderful quilts. Get a cup of coffee or you favorite beverage, visit the little girl’s room, and put the answering machine on and enjoy!

The quilt I decided to show you is one that actually started in 2002 as a Block of the Month that I did with my mother at a local quilt shop, The Quilt Sampler. It was a “primitive” applique and I did most of the blocks as the year went by….then in 2003 I met my hubby, late 2004 we had twins, and life got in the way for quite a while and the quilt sat unfinished. Well, I decided I was going to get it finished in 2007 in time for Christmas. I didn’t quite get it done for Christmas as I finished the binding on New Year’s Eve, December 21, 2007, but that was close enough for me!

I named the quilt “FINALLY! It’s Christmas!”Finally! It's Christmas!

I quilted it myself on my Gammill and had a whole lot of fun trying different background fills in each block. Here is a gallery of the blocks and some close-ups of the quilting. I used some McTavishing, grid fills, freehand meander, and SID.  You can click on each picture to see it enlarged. Hope you enjoy!


24 thoughts on “Virtual Quilt Festival – Fall 2009

  1. I love quilts this size for Christmas–really sets the mood in a room with good-sized blocks with Christmas motifs. I’m also impressed, not only with your quilt design, but also your quilting. Bravo to you for getting it done!

    –ELIZABETH E, #115

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! It was really a fun quilt and looks wonderful over the back of our couch at Christmas. Thank you also for the compliment on my quilting. I have a long way to go!


    • Mel, the reindeer is one of my favorites also, that and the ornament. They were really fun to do and were even more fun to quilt.

  2. the fact that you did every background differently would be very fun to me. I did a 3 part quilt and instead ofoverallo quilting I quilted each of the sections very differently, but 12 different patterns is well beyond my ability.

  3. Wow. What great quilting!! I have a quilt languishing in storage because I can’t figure out how I want it quilted. This definately gives me ideas!! Thanks for sharing!!



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