Ever want to have super-powers?

Here are the one of the kid’s latest items for fun

Munchie’s – Munchie's cuffs

Munchie's cuffs closer

I had seen a blog called What Are We Doing Today Mom? that had some photos of some super-power cuffs on it for her kids.

I cut toilet paper tubes in half, then glued the base color of felt on them. I tried to do this with Elmer’s glue, then Gorilla glue, and neither of those worked with the felt and cardboard, so we postponed the project a day, and I finally broke down and got a glue gun. The glue gun worked MUCH better!

Once that was finished, I cut out some shapes in different colors and then let the kids chose how they wanted to put the shapes on the cuffs. They could preview how it looked because the felt would stick to the felt cuff, kind of like a design wall. I also picked up some of those fake jewels to add some sparkle. Can’t ever have too much bling if you know what I mean!

I wasn’t too sure how I was going to get the eyelets on there, or to pierce through two layers of felt and one of cardboard, then I had the brilliant idea of using my leather hole punch to punch to do it. I punched four holes in each cuff and then placed eyelets in each hole. I used small elastic to lace the cuffs with and let the kids tell me how tight they needed to be.

I tried to get pics of Mini-me’s in action, but that boy is WAY too fast! Like lightening with those cuffs on…what’s up with that? 😉
I think we will be making more……


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