Holy Batman, it’s a fairy!

Batman mini-me

Munchie the fairy princess

We haven’t ever dressed the kids up for Halloween before, always figuring at the age they were it would have been more for us than for them….and I admit it, I was being selfish as I didn’t want to deal with the two of them on sugar highs for days on end! LOL

This year they are old enough to understand what their buddies are doing and to really enjoy dressing up, so I asked each what they wanted to be. Munchie said she wanted to be a butterfly and Mini-me said he wanted to be a “baseballer” (that is what he calls boys that play baseball).

The Sunday newspaper had a flyer in it with all kinds of costumes so we looked it over and each of them picked out a custume. Munchie picked out a fairy. Mini-me, after looking at Munchie’s fairy costume and some of the really cool boy costumes, decided he could be a baseballer any time. He has always liked Transformers (don’t know why as he has never watched them or had but one hand me down from big brother for a toy) so ended up picking out a Transformer guy with a really cool helmet on.

Well, the other day we traipsed to a local party store to look at costumes before they were picked over and gone. We found Munchie’s fairy costume quickly, she tried it on and absolutely fell in love with it. More munchie the fairy

(Please pardon the laundry on the back of the couch….I really have to pay more attention to my backdrops when I am taking photos….. :-P)

Mini-me, on the other hand, wouldn’t try his on, but I did get him to try on the mask. It was one of those cheap ones with the white elastic string going around your head and it was way too big for him and wouldn’t stay where he could see. He was also looking at all the weapons (have I said before that he is all boy?) and wanted about 5 different swords….well, we kept looking around and I saw a Batman mask that looked pretty cool. He tried it on and it fit REALLY well, so he decided to be Batman instead. We exchanged the Transformer for Batman and I heaved a huge sigh of relief. He still wouldn’t try it on, but at least the hood and mask fit much better!

But he did try it on at home….

Notice Munchie sticking her head out from behind Mini-me? Fairies hate it when Bat-guys get in front of the camera….

Munchie again

But a Bat-guy has to do what a Bat-guy has to do…..fight crime! rescue damsels in distress! fight the bad guy!
Batman in action

Our house is safe tonight.


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