Design Wall Monday

Judy Laquidara, over at Patchwork Times, has a Design Wall Monday every Monday (imagine that! LOL) and asks everyone to post what is on their design wall, then link to her blog.

For what seems like the last month I have had the same thing on my wall, and this weekend I started a new project that has been ruminating for a while. I have wanted to make a string quilt for quite a long time, just didn’t feel I had enough variety of strings yet in my stash. I had purchased one of Moda’s Bali Pops and had the brilliant idea to use those in my string blocks. The Blogger’s Quilt Festival this last week gave me my final inspiration with this quilt at Creations by Melinda – Kiwi Zinger. Is that not GORGEOUS!? I sure don’t have enough selvages, but my Bali Pops sure would work for a Bali Zinger…..LOL

I completed 6 blocks just to get an idea of what it would look like and to decide what color background I would like to use…..So here is what is on my design wall –

Bali Zinger

I have been playing with the black or the off white background. I thought I would really like the black more, but the off-white adds some really cool texture. Black, off-white, or possibly combining the two in the whole quilt….what to do!

Any suggestions?


10 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

    • Ah, Julianne, that is what I am really thinking also! I have worked up a few really cool looking designs in EQ…..Hubby really liked both of them, and I am thinking of this one for our bed (which does NOT have a quilt on it!)

      Thanks for looking!

    • Kare, that is what I kept telling myself – I really like the black, and to be honest figured I would like the black best, but I keep going back to the white also!

    • Carrie, that is kind of what I have planned in the back of my mind right now. I am also playing with the setting of these – they are a little like log cabin blocks in that you can make all kinds of cool layouts with them! Fun! I will post pictures again as I add more to it.

  1. Oh boy – to choose? I like them both – but I think the White makes the colors stand out, and the black provides a calming, elegant effect…. hows that for no decision!!

  2. As soon as I saw this I saw it was a zinger and then I read that it was inspired by my kiwi zinger. I am flattered. I like both the white and black and see that someone suggested the white in the center surrounded by the black. That sounds like a great idea to me.

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