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Here is what is on my design wall this week. You can see I still have the zinger blocks on the left and haven’t done any more with them. In the middle part is blocks from a round-robin in my guild last year. I provided a brownish-batik with blue, golds, purples, and other colors in it. The box was passed around and this is what I received back. On the right is the edge of my design wall that I use for inspiration, notes, and other things I don’t want to get lost in the paper shuffle.

Three blocks See these three blocks above? I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around them and they don’t seem to play well with the other blocks. I am not too inspired with settings for these….

9 blocks
I think I can get these nine blocks to work well together, and this is a start of a layout for them. I am thinking about adding black sashing and spacers and having the blocks float on the black.

I have thought about using the other three blocks on the back of the quilt…… Any ideas or suggestions for layout? I really need some inspiration on this one and have put it off for a year now!

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7 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday

  1. I can see where you are at with these and agree the 3 (although very pretty) just don’t have the same feel as the others.

    I’d use them on the back to keep them all together.

    Looks like a fun Round Robin.

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