Signs of fall

Maple in front yardThis is one of two maple trees we planted maybe four years ago. They were both supposed to be October Blaze or Autumn Glory or something like that  and they were supposed to be ORANGE or RED. Well, this one is yellow, which has saved it’s life this year. Ever since we bought them they have been turning BROWN, with no color at all.  I was really disappointed as I bought them for the bright fall color. Well, when this one started changing, I took some leaves from it and from the other tree and carried them into the house to figure out if we actually bought sugar maples or something else.

I looked in our wonderful reference on trees of Missouri and we found that this tree actually is a sugar maple and therefore will continue to grow and thrive in our yard. The other one ended up being a silver maple…it is small and stunted and has not grown nearly as well as this one…so it will be coming out of the ground. Maybe to be replanted in the back yard…

Silver maple and red maple

In the picture above, you can see part of the trunk of the silver maple on the left, and our new red maple sapling is in the middle with the pink tape (and the RED leaves!!)

The kids and I planted this tree Wednesday afternoon while the weather was so nice – meaning in between rain on Monday and Tuesday and rain Thursday and Friday. It has been a great year to plant trees though. All the redbuds we planted this spring have survived and flourished.

We bought two other red maples and the Hunter has planted one for me, and I still have one more to go.


This is a little of the remaining color in our back yard. Notice all the leaves on the ground?  The heavy rains over the last few days have really knocked a lot of the leaves off.


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