Youth duck hunting….

Well, youth duck season was last weekend. The Hunter and Big Brother took two different boys with them – one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Both boys on Saturday got their limit of six ducks quickly…they were home by 3:00! WOW!

Big Bro & Caleb S.

The boys with their fathers….Saturday hunters

Sunday I was able to go with them and we took Caleb B. with us. It was his first duck hunt and just happened to be quite a bit tougher than Saturday. The water was up maybe 6″ or a foot from the day before, so it was a challenge to find a place to hunt. The birds could go about anywhere and find water so you really had to be where they wanted to be….We moved 6 or 7 times during the day.

We had 15 minutes of shooting time left when Caleb finished up his limit – here are the boys and the Hunter with their take for the daySunday's crew

Here is a gallery of photos from the day – click on them to see larger photos.


2 thoughts on “Youth duck hunting….

  1. Congratulations to the hunters! I love seeing young people learn hunting. It’s a great sport and the more people who love it means better protection of open lands in the future. My husband is an avid bird hunter and is on his annual Nebraska trip this week.

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