Mariner’s compass top

I promised I would show a picture of my Mariner’s Compass top that is the momma (daddy? precursor?) to The Mariner’s Coins quilt top I posted about earlier.

It is big enough I had to hang it sideways, and you can see the lower border is laying on the floor anyway. The top, where the pillows will go, is to the right. The bed I am planning it to go on has no foot board, so the rest will hang. Actually, I am not telling the whole truth – the bed I planned it for is in the basement where there is a seaside theme with lighthouses, burgundy and navy blue, and the decor is perfect for this quilt (it is also where this photo was taken – see the toys to the sides?). Due to the normal state of this bed which has really become only a large toy to be used by the kids, I have decided when I am finished with it, it will go on the Hunter’s and my bed until I get the Bali Zinger done.

This quilt was a First Saturday BOM where you paid $5 for the first block, then if you completed it by the meeting the next month, you get your next block free. Now of course, none of the setting fabrics are free, but I think I paid just $10 total for the main 12 quilt blocks (I missed one meeting….).

You can also see that I enlarged the top by adding borders to three of the sides – using the strips that I had left over and the remainder of which went into the coin top.

This is a partial view of the mariner’s compass. I adore mariner’s compasses, but this is only the second one I have ever made. The original pattern from the quilt shop didn’t have the smaller compass in the center. Have I mentioned that I really like to be different?


3 thoughts on “Mariner’s compass top

    • Thank you so much! I can’t really take credit though, as it was a BOM and the local quilt shop picked the colors….but I LOVE them too!

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