Boys will be boys….

Boys WILL be boys, you know. No matter what you tell them or how much trouble they may get into….

Sunday after church while the Hunter was fixing lunch, Big Brother and Mini-me were playing their version of soccer in the hallway. Something that has happened many times in the past with no ill effects… but somehow, Mini-Me tripped, fell, rolled, smashed or whatever and his forehead came into contact with the stair railing support post…the hard, sharp-edged, corner no less.

You know how head wounds bleed? Well, poor little Mini-me was bleeding like a stuck pig. The Hunter got it cleaned up enough to look at it, and sure enough, it was going to need stitches. It was about 3/4 of an inch long and clear to the bone. Little Mini-me did great and didn’t even cry.

Like Judi at Green Fairy Quilts who had a similar incident this last week and posted about it here,  Mini-me and I ended up at urgent care for stitches. That is AFTER we all ate lunch (I have been in enough doctor’s offices and ERs to know we were in for quite a wait…). Once we finished, I packed up four slices of homemade pumpkin bread, which Mini-me swears makes EVERYTHING better and heal quicker, and off we went to the local urgent care. We sat for a while, Mini-me ate his punkin bread, and we both sewed some hexagons, and finally got in to see the doctor.

The cut sure didn’t slow Mini-me up, as he had all the staff in stitches with his comments and his humor. They put lidocaine on a cotton, taped it to his head, and let us marinate in that for a while. By the time they got back in to the room to work on him, “burrito-ed” him up in a blanket so he couldn’t squirm as bad, and started to work, the wound was pretty well numb. The only time it hurt a little was when they were injecting more lidocaine into the interior of the wound (think dentist and numbing your tooth/jaw to work on a tooth…YUCK!) and Mini-me winced and said it hurt. His little eyes got red and big with tears, but he NEVER cried and later was very proud of the fact that he didn’t). Mini-me got a little worried, though, when he saw the curved needle they used for the actual stitching, but fortunately, it didn’t hurt at all, and he was great.  The doc said most adults aren’t even that good!

He had three stitches total, so not as bad as it could have been. They even put a really cool band-aid with spider webs and spiders on it. Mini-me was thrilled!

Unlike Judi at Green Fairy Quilts, I didn’t carry my camera with me to the doctors’, but did get pics of Mini-me and his stitches today before and after we took the band-aid off.

Here is a pic with the band-aid on – notice also the stair rail in the background…see those sharp, squared off edges? One of those, except down at the bottom, is what he ran into. Thankfully he takes after me and has a hard head.

The next picture is more of a close-up. As you can see, the scar, if any, will be up high enough that it won’t show much at all.

I told Mini-me and Munchie that it was just like sewing a quilt…thread and a needle…and better than using a hair from a mule’s tail like Ma did in Ol’ Yeller!


3 thoughts on “Boys will be boys….

    • Sue,

      He is doing fine. I don’t think it ever slowed him down at all….He didn’t even have a bump or swelling on his head. I think he hit it at just the right angle to slice the skin – amazing there was no bump. We gave him some ibuprofen the first evening, but he hasn’t needed anything since.

      Thanks for checking on him!

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