Design Wall Monday – 11/23

I can’t believe it is Monday before Thanksgiving! Wow, is time flying or what?

Things have been super busy here, including a trip to the urgent care for Mini-me that I will post more about later today. Ever have those weeks (months? life?) where things just go haywire? That is what has happened this last week. MAYBE I will have more time to post about it later, meanwhile, here is what is going on in my quilting life right now.

  1. Jeannine’s Civil War repro quilt is on my machine, waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for me to finish up….
  2. My design wall – still has the “Boxed Layer Cake” quilt up, but now all the blocks are finished. I just have to lay it out and finalize where I am going to put each block (has to be done on the floor as the design wall is too hard to reach on a quilt this large) then sew it together.
  3. All Squared Up –binding on and finished everything except for the label. Here is the quilting from the front – it was my first ever panto and was one that came with my machine (or maybe my friend Cathy gave it to me – can’t remember which). It was a Linda Taylor panto Meandering Feathers or something like that. Here is the back  –  I really love the texture the quilting gives the back. The quilt top was a kit from Hoffman fabrics, then I used wool batting with a flannel back. It is a quilt for a friend with cancer and I wanted it lightweight, comfortable, and warm, but not too warm.
  4. My new carry along project….before you see it, note that I really am sick and think I need a doctor…not the kind with the thermometer, but the kind with the funny white suit that has arms that tie behind your back….I am certifiably nuts….for sure….See? I told you…..

Actually, I have been contemplating English Paper Piecing for well over a year just because it is really nice to have something portable, that will go with me on long car rides or trips to the urgent care, or sitting in front of the TV being sociable with the family, or something like that. I finally picked up a package of those little 1″ hexagon templates that are reusable, Googled English Paper Piecing Tutorials and printed a couple of the best out, cut up some 2 1/2″ squares of my black, white and red fabrics, packed them up, and took them along with me when the Hunter and I went duck hunting last Thursday. This is most of what I have done since then in little bits of time riding in the car or in front of the TV. I was playing with layouts today a little to see what fabrics I needed more of and liked. I REALLY like that white fabric with the little black dots in it. Much better contrast than the white with black dot flower fabric that looks gray from a distance.

Sick….really sick.

By the way, go to Patchwork Times and see the rest of the Design Wall Monday projects!


One thought on “Design Wall Monday – 11/23

  1. I’ve been contemplating English Paper Piecing too, for the last six months or so. The quilts always turn out so nice and the designs are just breath taking. I can’t wait to see you’re finished quilt. Best of luck.

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