Stitches out

Mini-me’s stitches are out! Here is the after shot….

He is definitely going to have a small scar there, but it will be hidden by hair for the most part and will add character to his face.

Do you think we went all the way back to Urgent Care to have the stitches taken out? Expose ourselves to all those pig flu germs again? Not on your life!

We put Mini-me up on the counter and I looked at the stitches pretty closely. The sutures moved pretty easily in the skin and I could see that I could get a good pair of scissors under each stitch without any problem, so it took me about a minute to snip the stitches and then pull them out. For those that are about to faint at this, if there had been any sign of infection or if the sutures were so deep I would have had to dig for them, we would have trotted right back to urgent care and exposed ourselves to whatever was floating around that day…..

Mini-me had no problems with the procedure at all…never even winced once. Big Brother on the other hand, got grossed out just when we described it to him!


6 thoughts on “Stitches out

  1. Glad he’s healing up OK. I don’t think I could have done what you did, but then, I couldn’t even have been there if a doctor was doing it – my poor husband had to cope with all that sort of thing, I’m far too sqeamish. I couldn’t even take the kids for their jabs when they were little, he had to. Well, it was either that or the doctor had to work around me passed out on the floor!

    • Sue, I thought about becoming a vet, so stitching things and doing that kind of stuff is second nature to me. I know LOTS of folks that are a bit squeamish about stuff like that though! I can just imagine the doc having to walk around you! Much kinder to send hubby in with kids!

    • Tell me you haven’t done the same, Alycia, living on a farm and all. Surely you’ve pulled stitches out of a horse or dog before? LOL

  2. I took stitches out of Chris when he was little too. Laid him down on the floor and sat on him while I did it. Of course, the dog got to go back to the vet to have his removed – if Keith had been home to hold him I’m sure I would have taken them out rather than driving in the snowstorm we had last week.

    • I had to laugh that the dog went back to the vet but the child didn’t go back to the doctor! Sounds like something in our house. A dog you would definitely have to have help holding to get stitches out.

      I was lucky, Matt sat there and didn’t move at all. But he is also old enough to understand, “Hold still!” where at 12 months to about 3 years it wouldn’t have worked.

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