Round Robin Row Quilts Revealed

How is that for a title? Say that five times fast…..LOL. I tried and couldn’t get it done!

Our guild Christmas party was last Tuesday evening and it just so happened to be when my group finished the round robin for our row quilts. The group of folks we ended up with in this are just unbelievably, incredibly talented. I had so much fun opening each box to see what those before me had done. So cool, and I learned so much!

Here are some of the photos….I had to take them from the back of the room and folks were just holding up the rows willy-nilly, so the photos aren’t the best, but this will give you some idea of the fun we had! You can click on each picture to get an enlarged version.

Unfortunately, the gal who had my box was not there, so I STILL haven’t seen what has been done for my quilt! I will post photos when I finally get it.

It also sounds like the group will be getting together to look over the blocks, talk, and just generally have a good time, so I will get better photos of the blocks at that time.


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