Christmas craziness…

Just so you can see some of what is going on in my life…..

Last week the Hunter had two customers in from South Carolina to duck hunt with him. They were here from Wednesday until Sunday morning and hunted three days. Here are a few of the photos I have from that…..

Red and Charles were the two guys, and from what they said they had the best hunt of their lives. We now have standing invitations to Charleston, South Carolina, deep sea fishing, and hunting!

But I have to admit, here is my FAVORITE photo of my FAVORITE subject from the week

Isn’t he the most handsome thing you have ever seen? Thank you so much, Red, for this photo!

You are probably asking what the kids and I did while the guys hunted…..

I think this must be what you get when you cross Mary and Joseph with Rudolph the black-nosed Reindeer. But they sure had fun!

And of course, they had to get in on the action with the ducks and their new buddies, Red and Charles. The outfits we come up with!


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