Birthday madness!

Wow, what a wild weekend! LOL We did Christmas with the Hunter’s family on Saturday evening and then the twins’ fifth birthday Sunday evening. It has been wild!

I will share Christmas and birthday photos first and will blog later about what is on my design wall (something new actually!) and about the family we had this visiting this week….

This is some of the group and most of the kids…Cousins – three of ours and four belonging to the Hunter’s sister.

This is us, with Munchie posing and Mini-me with his elf hat on. (He and Munch were Santa’s elves for the evening!). That is pretty much it for our Christmas with the Hunter’s family. We stuffed ourselves on too much food, told stories that had everyone laughing, and refereed all the kids.

These next photos are from the kids’ birthday party the next day. Just so you know up front, my family is a little different….. 🙂

Mini-me has wanted a sword and shield for quite some time, and Grandma Ellie and Grandpa Mike went above the call of duty and scoured the countryside for the perfect gift – this is what they came up with and Mini-me is THRILLED! He slept with the sword last night….LOL. He also got another one, just a sword, that they bought before finding this, but that gives Big Brother something to use….as you will see later.

This is Munchie and the “bottle bike” she wanted for Christmas and was thinking Santa would bring (but we beat him to it, can’t be late around here, Santa!). See the water bottle there on the front? When I had the kids look at several different stores to see what bike worked best for them, she kept coming back to this one with the bottle. It didn’t hurt that it had princesses and was pink either….

Notice what has now become of poor Rudolph the black-nosed reindeer…Big Brother was “jousting” and using poor Rudolph as a mount! Now, who said Rudolph didn’t get to join in any games?

I don’t know if you can see what one (of two) of the other gifts the kids got were? In Big Brother’s hand? MARSHMALLOW SHOOTERS! Woo, what fun! LOL. Needless to say, the kids were scouring the house for leftover ammo to consume….I think Big Brother switched weapons every few minutes as he ran out of ammo, but here Cousin Tub Monkey has him dead to rights…..For those that are worried, Rudolph survived.


2 thoughts on “Birthday madness!

  1. Bari It looks like you and yours are having a great time. LOL Please do not think I am a stalker or anything but…Was the Hunter in Eldorado Springs today? Maybe? I think I saw him ( at McDonald’s ) recognized him from your photos. I almost asked if he was the hunter but I thought he might decide that I was a crazy person. I think he was with two other men all wearing camo. I thought they might be going to Four rivers or something.

    Hummm I hope you dont think I am a crazy person for asking.

  2. That cousin looks kind of like a pro in the gun holding department. I don’t think I would mess with her LOL. Sounds like a blast – hope you finally got SOME couch time!

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