Row quilt blocks on my design wall

Here is what is up in my sewing room…..

In the craziness of last week, I was able to meet Mary N. from my guild and pick up my pizza box with all but one of my rows in it.

The first row was made by Mary N. The second row, with the “crossed canoes” pattern was made by Nancy W. The third row of the tiny (read 1 1/2″ finished) stars was made by Lorraine Olsen (one of our very own that has published a book, Little Lonestar Quilts). The fourth row of the fish with the dangling hooks was made by Joan C. The fifth row with the leaves, fish, wolf, goose, and duck was appliqued by Carol H., and the sixth row was pieced by Ann H.

I am missing one row now, and hope to pick it up in the near future. Carol emailed us and said she already had the body of her quilt put together and that was a couple of weeks ago! Wow! (Even if I had mine at that time, you sure coudn’t expect the quilt to be done yet! LOL)

I love the crossed canoes pattern that Nancy used, and the fabric colors are really cool.

Joan’s fish are so cute and the little hooks dangling down are adorable.

Lorraine’s Friendship star blocks are all paperpieced.

Isn’t this goose appliqued block awesome! Look at the fabric behind it – looks like clouds in the sky! These applique blocks are done by Carol H.

The rest of these blocks are done by Ann H. and are applique. I really like the way she has tied all these blocks together with the alternating hourglass squares with the fish appliqued over them. Cool!

Isn’t this cool?

So – now are some of the big decisions. First I need the last row. I want to make a row and have some ideas on my row for the quilt, then I need to make some spacer rows. I am thinking Flying Geese blocks, Duck and Ducklings, Wild Goose Chase, Goose Tracks, Hunter’s Star… Any others you can think of?

This has been so much fun! It will be a blast to see what others have come up with!

For other Monday inspiration, visit Judy L’s Patchwork Times and Design Wall Monday!


3 thoughts on “Row quilt blocks on my design wall

    • Mary, that was my thought also, but the idea of piecing friendship stars THAT small is not high on my list of fun things to do! LOL. I will have to get a copy of Lorraine’s paper piecing pattern as she makes that stuff SO easy!

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