Quilter’s Accountability (QA) challenge

Hi, my name is Bari……I am a quilter and I need help….

No, really…..seriously! I need help keeping myself accountable to get some of my stuff done and it sounds like I am not the only one. I originally thought of UFOs just because I have WAY too many of them, but I have talked to quite a few folks who have no UFOs (way to go ladies! You are all my heroes!) and they want to be accountable to get certain projects with deadlines finished. So I have broadened the focus of this challenge to include those folks who also want to be held accountable in other quilty ways.

This challenge is to help keep us on track, help us get more done, in (hopefully!) a more productive and fun way in 2010. We will be each other’s cheerleaders, the on-line quilting buddies looking over each other’s shoulder or whispering in each other’s ears asking how that certain project is going….and giving cyber “high-fives” and hugs when it is finished!


I will first give some ideas and then tell you what I am going to do.  You don’t have to do it exactly like I do, or even close to how I am doing it, just figure out what will work for you, and then use your QA (Quilter’s Accountability) Report to keep youself on track as much as possible.  This project will probably also “evolve” if you know what I mean. I think we will each learn from each other and I expect to incorporate those ideas in my plan. Also, if your original plan doesn’t work, CHANGE IT! 

  1. Prioritize – decide what you want to get done this year (or this month if a shorter-term goal works best for you) whether it is one finished “new” quilt project by June or finish four UFOs for the year.
  2. Decide how much time a day or week you will commit to working on this challenge.
  3. If you are trying to clear up UFOs, sort through them and pick out one or two that will finish up the quickest and start on one of them. I ADORE instant gratification – it is a great motivator! LOL
  4. Post about it if you have a blog – let us know what your commitment is so that we can help cheer you on!
  5. Do it!

Here is what I am doing and my commitment:

  1. I have listed all my UFOs, WIPs, WHIMMs, PIGS, UQOs and categorized them as such and noted any deadlines on a spreadsheet. (NOTE: I fully expect this list to get LONGER as I sort around in my sewing room and find stashed away projects! Also – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ALL OF US! I am doing this to be transparent and to show you where I am starting from).  As of this morning, I have 33 projects –
    1. 6 UQOs or flimsies
    2. 6 WHIMMs  – (EDITED – these are actually PIGS as all the fabric is bagged up and collected) these include three quilts for my own kids’ beds that I have fabric purchased for (does that tell you anything when my kids don’t even have quilts on their beds!), one graduation quilt for a niece with a deadline of May, one applique wildlife kit I bought but have not started, and another kit I bought SEVEN EIGHT years ago!
    3. 7 WIPs – two with February/March deadlines, two with June deadlines, one handwork/carry along project,  one 2010 BOM that will be ongoing, and one string-block challenge that will be on-going
    4. 14 UFOs – I am counting UFOs as anything I have “stalled out” on, including the Christmas quilt I posted about here that I have just been too busy to get back to (didn’t get it quilted by Christmas either! LOL).  There are also BOMs from 2002!
  2. Prioritize them either by deadline or ease of finishing – I have one due in February and one in March. The one due in February I have been working on steadily, so I am not counting it in this challenge. The one due in March has been VERY hit-or-miss, so I will count it in this challenge. I have picked these two quilts for my first QA Challenge projects:
    1. Keith & Angie’s wedding quilt – due March
    2. Jinny Beyer’s Mirage (old BOM from an LQS in 2002!)
  3. I have decided I will make time to work on a QA challenge quilt 20 minutes per day 6 days a week. That comes to 2 hours a week (I am praying my progress gets me motivated enough that I actually do more!).
  4. I will remind myself frequently that “Finished is better than perfect”, and if I don’t personally like the project any more, I will be happy to make it to give to a charity, or to pass it on to someone who will give it a new life.
  5. My ultimate goal is to get all UFOs and UQOs off my list, but I know that is unrealistic for now. I work better with smaller, short-term goals. That one big one will overwhelm me and I won’t ever get it finished, but I can do it one or two projects at a time.

Summary of my commitment to this challenge – work on Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt, due in March, or the Mirage quilt for 20 minutes per day, six days a week (or for a total of two hours). I will let you know next week how that goes and what progress I have made.


I will be posting on Wednesdays each week, but don’t feel you have to post or check in on Wednesday if Thursday or Saturday is more convenient for you. If you have a blog, post about your goals and/or progress, and I will have a Mr. Linky gadget on each Wednesday post that you can link to. If you don’t have a blog, leave a comment with your progress.

Make your goals as lofty or as small as you would like and what works for you. Join in!  Official “start” time is next Wednesday, January 6, 2010, so you have time to decide what you want to do. Can’t decide now? You are free to join in at ANY point in the year!


Don’t forget to post, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Here is Mr. Linky (he is a little different from the one Judy L. uses, but the only one that will work with my blog). Just click on him and a new window will open where you can enter your link!


12 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability (QA) challenge

  1. I’m in. I’ve been tracking my partially completed quilt tops, quilt tops and pigs for a couple of years. I try not to think about WHIMS as that causes the list to grow. Earlier this week I put together my goals and even have some dates to them. I’ll get them posted tomorrow or Friday.

  2. Hi Bari. Count me in! I have so many WIP and ideas and quits I WANT to make but can’t seem to get in gear. Maybe this will help. What fun!

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