Design Wall Monday – 1/4/10

Well, here is what is on my design wall this morning….

Notice my Bali Zinger is back up on the wall. That is for motivation! 🙂

Those 8 little string blocks up on the left are for Stacey’s It’s A String Thing Challenge. I am doing these as I have always wanted to make string quilts, and I believe they will help me use up a bunch of my novelty fabric stash in a way that will (hopefully) have pretty results. So Stacey’s little project is to get me going with strings. Today is the 4th and I already have 8 blocks….woo hoo! I am tickled with the way they are turning out. These are all my white or tan prints with color and black prints with color. Some of these fabrics are from Anne in AZ from the Heartstrings group. She sent me a box of her extra strings, so I am really happy to be using them at last.

I still can’t show the other side of my design wall my challenge quilt in progress is hanging there.

Jump on over to Judy L’s Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday and see what others are working on!


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