Quilter’s Accountability Report – 1/6/10

Hello! My first accountability report is ready to go. Remember this is what I committed to this month –

Summary of my commitment to this challenge – work on Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt, due in March, or the Mirage quilt for 20 minutes per day, six days a week (or for a total of two hours).

Here is what I have actually done (I started on January 1, so this is not a full week):

  • Mirage quilt – total time 3 hours and 53 minutes, wanted to do 2 hours
  • Keith & Angie’s Pineapple Blossom – finished adding a row around 13 blocks

I was able to meet my goals for this week. Yay!

Here is more detail of what I worked on –

This block of the Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt is called Mojave Morning. I actually was able to machine piece the whole thing! From cutting to finish this block took me 3 hours and 53 minutes. That is well over the two hours I wanted to do this week – which is what I had hoped would happen! Woo hoo!

Here is a picture of the small kitchen timer I am using to time myself while working on the Mirage quilt – this hour and twenty-three minutes is what I worked on the block yesterday to finish it up. I know it is a little extreme, but I didn’t want to just “guestimate” the time…plus I have gotten used to using a timer when I quilt on my longarm and do other tasks associated with quilting a quilt for customers.

This stack of blocks is from Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – a modified Pineapple Blossom  pattern from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. Right now, I am doing this one as a “leader-ender” project. The Pineapple Blossom block is similar to log cabin blocks in that you have to add rows around them. I finished adding the last row of logs to 13 blocks. Now I just have the half-square triangles in the corners and I will be totally done with these 13 blocks (to add to the 3 already finished). You can see in the picture below where the white square is – I use those squares to make the half-square triangles in the corners.

These are not all I have worked on – I am still working on my String Thing Challenge and a guild challenge quilt due in February. The challenge quilt has to be a priority also, as I need to finish all the piecing by about the 20th of this month so that I have plenty of time to quilt, block, and bind it.

Remember –

  • Use this challenge to motivate yourself. Your goals and desires are yours, not mine or anyone else’s. Don’t let what I do or plan to do deter you from your goals! I may be way too ambitious or way too lazy for what you have planned.
  • Join in any time – once a month, once a week , or just when you have a special project you need “prodded” to finish – what works for YOU.
  • Link up with Mr. Linky so that others will be able to see what you are up to – remember with my WordPress.com blog you will have to actually click on the link to see everyone that has signed up!
  • If you are blogless, just leave a comment in the comments section and we can cheer you on from there.
  • Check out what everyone else is doing – make a point to comment on their progress. This is about helping to motivate and cheer each other on. It doesn’t do any good if we just read what is going on and don’t encourage each other!

I don’t know about you all, but this has already helped me. Where my tendency is to NOT work on one of these projects and work on something more fun or exciting, I think about having to post my progress (or lack of it! LOL), and I get my little fanny in there and sew.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey!

NOTE ON MISTER LINKY – Even if you don’t want to link up, click on the Mister Linky link to see who all is joining in the fun and to go on to visit their blogs. Mister Linky will open in a new window and show all the other quilter’s links!



6 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – 1/6/10

  1. Love your pineapple blocks. Sounds like you got motivated this week! I just posted my goals today – next week hopefully I’ll have progress to report.

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  3. I traveled over to everyone’s blog to check out what is going on and left comments. Wow, aren’t we all busy! LOL

    This is going to be great to help get things done and for us all to stay on track. Thanks for joining us!

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