Frustration & Gingersnap cookies

The Hunter and I love gingersnap cookies. There were some at Sunday School last weekend and it really got my cravings going, so this week I set out some butter to make a batch. I put out enough for TWO batches. I was REALLY hungry for gingersnaps.

Last night I decided I needed to get them mixed up so the kids and I could cook them today.

All went well until I was adding the dry ingredients to the wet. I put in only half the flour at first….and then my mixer couldn’t handle it any more. Did I say I married this mixer when I married the Hunter?

So, kind of like hand sewing my Jinny Beyer Mirage block, I mixed it the old fashioned way….with a spoon and muscle….and I mixed…..

and mixed…..

and mixed…..

and rested…..

and mixed….

and mixed…

and rested some more.

That is when I remembered I had made this particular mistake before. Won’t I ever learn?

I finally ended up with this

and then mixed and rested some more. (Ignore the dark bananas in the background – I also have to make banana bread today! LOL).

So here is what I did – I revised my recipe….LOL

Did I tell you all what the Hunter and I got each other for Christmas?an industrial meat grinder for making sausage and ground meat from deer and duck. It was on sale and we got a GREAT deal. Notice it is sitting on the floor of the laundry room. Also note that we got it something like the first of November.

See this?We have yet to even use it.

Do you know how many times I have used THIS since the first of November?

I can’t even begin to count..cookies, candy, pies, cakes……but did I also tell you the bread machine the Hunter’s mother gave me bit the dust? No more bread unless I knead it by hand……

Did I tell you THIS is what I really wanted for Christmas?

A Bosch Universal Mixer Plus from Pleasant Hill Grain.

Did I tell you I would settle for THIS?

Now,  just one quick question….would I use the meat grinder or the mixer more?

I am just going to have to save money for my mixer…..Anyone need a quilt top quilted? Maybe good ol’ Betty Crocker will finally bite the dust and I will HAVE to get a new one!


5 thoughts on “Frustration & Gingersnap cookies

  1. Oh, my. And gingersnaps are made from such a dense dough too. LOL

    I have a Kitchenmaid Pro mixer and use it all the time for my bread dough. I’ve also used my food processor for smaller batches.

    If you’re interested, I have a great banana bread recipe posted on my blog. It’s a great recipe and I’m always getting requests for it.

    Have fun making the cookies!

    • Yup – they have them, and MANY others also. But I don’t need a meat grinder…..LOL, I already have a super-sized industrial one!

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