Kids’ first duck hunt

The Hunter has always told the kids that once they were five they could go hunting with us. (Mini-me assumed he would be shooting a real gun….I had the Hunter set him straight on that one! LOL), so two days after they turned five the weather cooperated and was warm enough we could actually take them out.

We packed up and headed for a local lake. The Hunter knew we probably wouldn’t see a single duck, but the experience would be fun for the kids, plus not too cold or too extreme conditions for them at this age.

Munchie was more interested in the mussel shells we found along the bank, peeling bark from trees, and exploring than in the actual hunting. Mini-me took along his toy shotgun and ammo – the shotgun has a sling that Munchie made for it from fabric scraps. Big Brother and Mini-me built a small blind to hide behind and Mini-me had to try it out. The Hunter about fell asleep…..

Even if it HAD been a super-perfect, “there-are-gonna-be-lots-of-ducks” day, we sure wouldn’t have seen many….the kids’ strong point is NOT being quiet! It was a WONDERFUL afternoon!

Here is a montage of photos. Click on each one to get a closer view. We did see one duck, a merganser, which is something no respectable duck hunter around here would shoot! 

PS: Is not Munchie extremely photogenic in camo? Picture this –  me, the Hunter, Big Brother and Mini-me all sitting in our living room cleaning our shotguns/pistols/whatever when her date comes to pick her up!


9 thoughts on “Kids’ first duck hunt

    • Yes, Vicki, we ALL love to hunt and love to share it also! The Hunter and Big Brother took two different boys along with them during youth hunt season (only two days long), as well has having different sessions with them at the range. One of the boys’ dad is in Afghanistan as a reserve right now clearing land mines.

  1. Bwahh haa haa – I love the image of you all in the living room cleanine guns when a date comes…

    That way she will get a good one!!

    some day I will tell you about my first date – and my dad…

    You know I moved 1100 miles away just to get a date LOL

    • Alycia, I can’t wait to hear the story…. Cathy’s husband (Cathy from StashSmashers), Paul, used to charge a deposit when boys would come pick up Paul’s daughters for dates. They wouldn’t get their money back unless the girls were home on time!

  2. It looks and sounds like you all had a great time. I’m not a outdoors person . But i’m glad other people enjoy it. Hope your not getting outside much during this cold weather. I’m looking forward to spring myself. I have so many ideas swimming in ny head for different quilts to make ,but so for I haven’t progress too for in getting busy. I enjoy your blog as well as several others I read at night. Take care maybe we will see each other soon.

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