Weekend quilty plans…

I have a lot to get done this weekend. Other than my accountability quilts, the Jinny Beyer Mirage, and Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt, I have to bind a quilt that needs to go to my mom Sunday…Monday at the latest. And that puppy is huge! I think I will be putting it all on by machine, no hand stitching the binding on the back on this one!

I also need to work on some applique borders for my challenge quilt. These will be appliqued by hand. I want to get all the prep work finished this weekend and have all four sections ready to sew down this coming week.

We have a basketball game tonight, so tonight is shot. Tomorrow it will be cold enough still that I am not venturing out unless I have to!


How many others are working on this quilt? This is a commemorative quilt for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War that is coming up – information is found at Homestead Hearth. My local quilt shop displayed this block of the month last Saturday and I fell in love with it. I had worked on a civil war era quilt not too long ago for Jeannine and really enjoyed the prints and style. To make a long story shorter, a friend, Portia, and I sort of challenged each other to do it AND keep up with it every month (Hi, Portia!). Portia is blogless but reads my blog regularly, and my accountability challenge has actually “guilted” her in to getting some stuff done. Way to go, Portia!

Well, Portia, consider the gauntlet thrown down…..

Just joking, Portia! (Well, kinda……LOL!)

Hop over to Tamera Quilts for her Wind-Up for the Weekend to see what other folks are up to!


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