Design Wall Monday – 1/11/2010

Here is what is on my design wall this morning

As you can see, my string blocks are still hanging around up there. Below that is one of my hexagon blocks. I have decided I prefer this diamond setting for them instead of the traditional Grandmothers’ Flower Garden, especially with the non-traditional colors.

This is an applique UFO – a single block from an applique class I took at a local quilt shop probably back in 2000. The center is not yet totally stitched down – if I remember correctly it is called ruching. I pulled it out and have been thinking of borders and quilting to make it into a wall hanging. Trying to get inspired to finish up some of those UFO’s!

As far as what I have accomplished this weekend from my Wrap-Up for the Weekend post, I wanted to bind and label a quilt I finished up for my mom and also finish the prep work on the applique for my challenge quilt. I did finish up the binding and label, the quilt is washed and ready to go to my mother after I take pictures. I will tell a little more about this quilt when I post the pictures.

I also finished up the prep on my applique for my challenge quilt. This week I want to finish the prep on the background pieces and start the actual applique since I will be doing it by hand.

My accountability challenge is really going to be a challenge this week. Basketball has started for Big Brother, and we have three basketball games this week – Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (two are out-of-town and about an hour away!). In addition, I have a dentist appointment today and Munchie and Mini-me have their five-year old doctor’s appointment Tuesday (and they get about five vaccinations each!). There is more, but that is about all I can plan for at one time….LOL.

Visit Judy L’s Patchwork Times to see what is up on everyone else’s design walls!


7 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – 1/11/2010

  1. I remember my brother always got his shots first and I would watch in terror knowing my turn was NEXT. ugh. Hope all the DR’s appts. go well! Looks like you have a nice variety of projects to work on! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. My design wall is blank right now but I plan on starting a new quilt today — a reward for the pillowcases, QAYG blocks, and binding I’ve been doing so far this month for HeartStrings!

  3. Well, I just got tired reading all you have to do. I do remember when we had 4 little ones around the house but that has been so long ago I can’t remember the feeling. And I do remember taking twins for shots. Not fun!!

  4. Hi Bari,
    thanks for your nice comments! I’m in awe of ANY woman who juggles the kind of balls in the air that YOU do!!! Will send my cheesecake recipe off tomorrow – thanks so much for inquiring. Your blog is GREAT – keep on keeping on!!!!

  5. Oh my, five shots each!!!! I can remember, when shot time came around, thinking the louder I screamed the less I would feel it…. Don’t remember if it worked – LOL!!!
    Very nice applique block. Hope all went well at the doc!

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