The things kids say….

Munchie, Mini-me and I were on our way home from Women’s Bible Study Wednesday and were discussing our reading lessons. Wednesday was the day for Munchie to go first and she didn’t want to, she wanted Mini-me to go first. I had already decided there wasn’t going to be any squabbling about this issue (because it always leads to other issues if you know what I mean!) I told them Munchie was going first, and she and MIni-me continued to try to argue with me. I said this was not a democracy, it was a “mom-ocracy” and what I say goes. Munch thought about it for a bit, then piped up from the back seat, “I think it should be a kid-ocracy!”

That’s my little choleric! LOL


3 thoughts on “The things kids say….

  1. Isn’t that so awesome???

    With all those kiddos, you probably have a kid of each personality type for sure.

    I have four kids, and I’ll be darned if I didn’t get one of each. My oldest, Melancholy, the second, Sanguine, the third Phlegmatic, and the fourth, Choleric. It’s quite the zoo at our house, lol.

    • Big Brother is Sanguine, Munchie is Choleric/Melancholy, and Mini-me is Melancholy/Choleric. The Hunter is big time Choleric and I am Melancholy.

      Isn’t it so funny how families work! Ours is quite entertaining also.

      Where did you hear about the personality stuff? Both the Hunter and I have read Florence Littauer’s books. We have more fun reading folks personalities! It also helps us not to take things too personally!

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