Design Wall Monday – 1/25/2010

Here is what is on my design wall……..Well, half of my design wall anyway. Still have my challenge quilt up on the other side, so can’t show it. I am going to use this week to catch up on my quilting, finish the challenge applique and quilt top.

Putting up a UFO and “stewing over” it for a time has sure worked well for me. The last two I did this with are almost completely finished –

This block

turned into this finished quilt top

This little applique wall hanging only needs the quilting design marked, quilting, and then binding.

These orphan fall Dugout blocks

turned into reversible placemats and a table runner for my table. Still not cut apart and bound, but ready for that after I take it to a couple of show and tells.

Hmmmmm – wonder what UFO I will pull out next? I am actually afraid to pull one out this week. I have too much going on and loose ends to tie up to put another one up on my wall now!

Go over to Judy L’s Patchwork Times and see what else is going on in Design Wall Monday world……


10 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – 1/25/2010

  1. I understand completely…If you put a new UFO on your wall it will call your name all day long…..”Come work on me,” “Don’t worry about the rest of your life, quilt.” Yup. Those UFO’s are wiley!

  2. I personally like the blank design wall. Much less pressure on me!!! HA!

    You guys are right, though. When there is something up there…it just keeps calling and calling no matter what else you have to do!!!

  3. Woo you should be proud! Wonderful job with the UFOs. The applique block is a gem. Which appliqué technique you use? Just love the wall quilt you made with it.

    • Ivani, I believe that was freezer paper templates, hand applique, then I cut out the extra fabric from behind. You have to understand, I think I did that part of it in 2000 and my memory leaves a little to be desired!

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