Stash Report – 1/31/2010

Here are my stats for this week.

  • Used this week:  4.36 yards
  • Used this year:  19.19 yards
  • Added this week:  15.5 yards
  • Added this year:   18.31 yards
  • Net used for 2010:  0.88 yards

You can see a big increase in my stash. I shopped  the sale over at Suzanne Early’s shop, Knots and Bolts, that I posted about here. I bought fabric for a quilt for my brother’s wedding and for a graduation quilt I will need to have finished in May. That accounts for most of what I bought, so the fabric won’t be hanging around aimlessly in my stash…LOL.

I am at least still in “the red” on my stash report, so I have used more than I bought!

Go on over to Patchwork Times and see how everyone else is doing!


3 thoughts on “Stash Report – 1/31/2010

  1. You have some good buys, especially since you already have plans for the fabric. Can you show some pictures of the fabrics or are they under wraps since they are for gifts?


  2. Bari, even with the planned quilts with your puchase which idemnifies it in my book, you still show fabric use in the right direction. Way to go. Jane

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