A day late and a dollar short…

Hello, Design Wall Monday!

Oh…wait….it’s TUESDAY! How did it get to be Tuesday already? So, as my header says, a day late and a dollar short….LOL

Here is what I put up on my design wall this weekend

This one is just not calling to me yet…or at least it is telling me this is going to be WAY more work than I want to get into at the moment! LOL. This was to be a bed quilt for a good friend, Deb. Deb has cattle, and I was doing the cows to match those in her herd. I started this probably in 2000 or 2001. Obviously five cows will NOT make a bed quilt, but there isn’t enough for a throw or even a lap quilt, so I am going to have to add to it. This will probably get put away for a while to work on later. I still like the cows though!

I am a day late because I had an appointment for a root canal yesterday morning that took longer than it should have. The roots of my teeth must go all the way into my brain, ’cause the dentist was sure having problems getting to the end of it! I asked him if this is what “long in the tooth” means. He laughed. Fortunately he is an old family friend. He was the first dentist I went to when I was a little kid, and he has always had Quarter Horses like us, but he rides cutters (cutting horses, for those new to the lingo – you work cattle with cutting horses). Strangely enough, his son who works in the practice with him, had TRIPLET boys just two weeks before Mini-me and Munchie were born, so we always have stories to share.

Unfortunately, I was so long in the tooth that Doc was not able to finish my root canal, so we rescheduled the rest for later in the month. Then I pop up with some rare complication so actually have to go back in today before Munchie, Mini-me, and I pick Big Brother up from school, take him to the orthodontist, and then back to school for a basketball game tonight.

Some day when I have more time I will tell you about Mini-me and Munchie going to the dentist with me the first time….It was hilarious! Doc always encourages us to bring the kids because if they see Mom getting her teeth worked on it is not so scary for them….and they LOVE going to the dentist. They get to play with the tools and run the chair up and down….

Liz had asked Sunday on my stash report to see the fabrics I purchased from Knots and Bolts, Suzanne Earley’s store.

The purple stripe is for a graduation quilt, the red and neutrals are for quilts of valor. The two strips at the top are two fat quarters that Suzanne gifted to me with my order. Wasn’t that nice?!

The brown/teal paisley is destined for my brother and his new bride’s bed. I am not sure if I will use it just as the inspiration piece and use it on the back, or actually use it in the blocks. The pattern is still to be determined. Shelli told me the bedroom is done in contemporary style, but the predominant colors are brown and green/teal. I just gave her a piece of it and she is supposed to get back to me on which color in it is closest to what is actually in the bedroom. The photo above is without a flash and is probably truer in color than the one below, which is with flash.

Any ideas on a fairly easy, quick, contemporary pattern?

Don’t forget to go on over to Patchwork Times and see what is up on everyone else’s design wall!



8 thoughts on “A day late and a dollar short…

  1. Ok, thanks for posting the fabric pictures and satisifying my curiosity! Love the purple stripes – it would go with the purple/green fabrics that I am collecting.

    For the cattle quilt, there’s gotta be some fun large scale cowboy fabrics that can be used as alternate blocks. There was a store in Guthrie OK that had lots of cowboy fabrics.


  2. Those cow blocks are so cool!
    I would make a couple of more to have 9 blocks and then frame each block with a couple of borders for the centre.
    And then a couple of pieced borders on the outside and you have a bigger quilt!
    I could just see the words “moo” all around the outside for one border.
    And maybe a piano key border on the edge with brown, black, grey and white.
    Oh…I have so many ideas of work for you to do 🙂

  3. I think if you go with theme fabric-fences and barbed wire and whatever else you can find and scatter the cattle blocks throughout…you know–out of the range? Or blocks of theme fabric, each different, and framed. I’m working on a leaf quilt. Squares of leaf fabric (none the same and all kinds of colors) which I sashed with dark brown. You could do something like that. Your blocks are cute.

  4. I love the cows…You could make some other farm animials and or a barn or two to finish out and make a crib quilt. Can you set them on point? Fill in with grass fabric?

  5. Cows, right down my alley – well rather my job (mainly with cow hides though). I would add some funky ones with brighter fabrics, maybe add some sunglasses or ear rings/ nose rings or hats or…. Probably too silly for you – just my thoughts…

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