Quilter’s Accountability Report – 2/3/2010

I so can’t believe it is February 3rd already!

I did better this week meeting my goals and actually met my goals for the month! My accountability commitment for January was to work on Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt, due in March, or the Mirage quilt for 20 minutes per day, six days a week (or for a total of two hours).

Here is what I have done since last Wednesday’s report –

  • Mirage quilt – total time 3 hours and 45 minutes (more than made up the 50 minutes from last week and the 2 hours from this week)
  • Keith & Angie’s Pineapple Blossom – nada, zip, zero, zilch…you’ll see why in the next paragraph….

One thing that was not in my accountability list was my challenge quilt due this month. I had some hand applique to do on the borders and really wanted to finish it up. I finished it yesterday! Woo hoo! The borders are already almost on, and just have to add another border around that and it will be ready for quilting. Unfortunately one of my goals from last week was to totally finish this top. I sure didn’t make that goal, however looking at my records I was only in my sewing room last Thursday and this Tuesday! These basketball games are killing me!

Here are the two Sante Fe Sky blocks I am working on for the Mirage quilt. Both are put together, one has all the paper off the back and the other still needs it ripped off. I was tired and wanted to go to bed, and each of those blocks have 64 pieces – and that includes even more little pieces of paper on the back to be removed! Once the paper is off I will put the frames around each of them, and all the regular blocks for the quilt will be done.

Notice the center points? A little better than trying them my own way, but blimey I hate those lumpy paper pieced seams!

January Recap

My total time working on the Mirage quilt for January was 15 hours and 55 minutes! That was well over the 8 hours I hoped for. Add to that the time spend on Angie and Keith’s wedding quilt as a leader-ender project and I definitely met my goal for the month!

Here is where I am as of February 1 compared to January 1 –

  1. 7 flimsies (up one from January – this is a GOOD thing!)
  2. 6 PIGs – unchanged…at least I haven’t started NEW projects from these even though I’m tempted!
  3. 2 quilts that need only binding  finished, both were older UFO’s (none last month)
  4. 11 UFO’s – down from 14 (This includes the fall dugout blocks that will end up being place mats, the purple butterfly quilt, and I have moved the Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt to WIP status)
  5. 8 WIPs – two of these have February deadlines and one a March deadline, two are block of the month projects, one is my string block challenge, one is a carry-along handwork project, and one is my row quilt. (This category is up one because of moving the Mirage quilt – see UFO’s above)

So progress HAS been made!

I am going to kind of change up my accountability a little because in January I worked on a lot of different things that weren’t included in my challenge and should have been – such as the UFO’s turned to almost finished quilts and my challenge quilt due this month. So my goals are broader for this month (I told you this challenge would be a work in progress and to re-evaluate as you went along!).

February Goals

  1. Complete my challenge quilt by February 15
  2. Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt – continue to work on it 2 hours per week
  3. Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – blocks completed and put together
  4. February It’s a String Thing Challenge blocks
  5. Binding on the purple butterfly quilt, pack it up and mail it with my Quilts For Kids quilt
  6. Finish and bind the fall dugout place mats and table runner
  7. Bowtie Blues – borders, quilt, binding
  8. Finish ripping out the quilting on my black and white string quilt – re-quilt and bind
  9. Complete my First Saturday BOM
  10. Complete my Civil War Tribute BOM
  11. Finish quilting Jeremiah 29:11, bind

Wow – I am really being ambitious here! We will see what happens!

Accountability report links……

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun and let us know what you have accomplished this week! Remember with my WordPress blog, you have to actually click on the link to see who has joined up and visit their sites, even if you don’t actually want to link up!


I will be away from the computer until later this afternoon. I will check on you all when I get back, and I hope you had a very productive week!


3 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – 2/3/2010

  1. Wow! Lots of progress this week. Congratulations on the last 2 regular blocks for the Mirage quilt. From the bits I’ve seen, I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful!

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