Design Wall Monday – 2/15/2010

Here is the left side of my design wall –

You can see this is the same group of blocks that were up there from last week – except some of them have been pieced into one panel. These were from a round robin exchange in 2008 with my quilt guild. I have decided to use this UFO as a WWII veteran QOV that I posted about here for Alycia’s QOV project. I had originally thought to use another UFO that only needs borders added, but it was way bigger than the 50″ by 60″ size that Alycia is looking for, so I put this one back up thinking I could make it work. There are some GORGEOUS blocks in this group as we have some very talented ladies in guild.

This has been hard to work with as there isn’t a single block that is the same size, so I decided to set it up in three vertical columns and then use a coordinating background.  After auditioning a few fabrics I decided to use black for the setting. I hope it really makes the blocks pop when finished. I am also going to take muslin to the next couple of guild meetings and have the gals that worked on blocks for this quilt sign it to put into the label. This quilt is “due” at Alycia’s by April 15th, so I have some time on it

This side of my design wall shows the beginning of my February blocks for the String Thing Challenge being held by Stacey at It’s a String Thing Challenge. I love the look of the rectangular string blocks and wanted to try something along those lines. I am also planning on this as a charity quilt for a child, so am trying to keep the blocks bright and fun.

You can also see the 9-patch blocks are still up there. I am going to have to check all the pre-cut off-white squares as they are not all the same size….found that out when I tried to make my first block! LOL. So I stalled out on this one for now as I am really humping to try to finish my challenge quilt up.

Stop by Judy L’s Patchwork Times to see what other beautiful eye candy is on display!


5 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday – 2/15/2010

  1. I think you’ve made a great choice surrounding all of those fabulous blocks with black.
    Your string quilt looks like it’s off to a great start. I just started mine for February, hopefully I can get to work on it this week.

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