Quilter’s Accountability Report – 2/17/2010

First of all, I have been detoured the last couple of days as Munchie and Mini-me had the stomach flu. Munchie came down with it Monday afternoon about 4:00. Poor thing puked I don’t know how many times but (naturally) seemed okay when we put her to bed. Then about 10:30 it started again and was every half hour on the hour until after 1:00 AM. About 11:00 Mini-me got up to go to the bathroom…and, yup, you guessed it, puked on his way to the bathroom!

Needless to say, the Hunter and I were busy cleaning things up, rotating laundry, holding one sick kid in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. I think I finally got to bed about 2:30 or 3:00. You know you have sick kids when you finally put them to bed and each one has a towel laid out on the floor next to the bed with a trash can on it…..You also know that Big Brother is a typical teenage when he never heard Mini-me puking right outside his open bedroom door!

Yesterday the kids just laid around on the couch, but fortunately didn’t throw up any more and were able to keep some solid food down. It was funny though, as I put Mini-me to bed he asked where the towels and the trash cans were!

The big question is……..who is next? But we aren’t EVEN going to go there!

Now on to my Quilter’s Accountability Challenge

Here are my goals for this month, and in red, what I have done this week.

February Goals

  1. Complete my challenge quilt by February 15  – on the machine currently working on SID
  2. Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt – continue to work on it 2 hours per week – was able to get full size copies of the 15″ blocks to paper piece (Don’t ask how much it cost!)
  3. Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – blocks completed and put together 
  4. February It’s a String Thing Challenge blocks – Four blocks of 16 finished
  5. Binding on the purple butterfly quilt, pack it up and mail it with my Quilts For Kids quilt – Just needs to be packed up and mailed!
  6. Finish and bind the fall dugout place mats and table runner –  Binding ready to put on, cut and prepped more binding as I didn’t have enough
  7. Bowtie Blues – borders, quilt, binding – Changed to the 2008 Round Robin blocks instead of Bowtie Blues – set one row of the quilt in black, two more to go
  8. Finish ripping out the quilting on my black and white string quilt – re-quilt and bindCompletely DONE!
  9. Complete my First Saturday BOM  – applique section of block finished
  10. Complete my Civil War Tribute BOM
  11. Finish quilting Jeremiah 29:11, bind

I am so tickled with what I have finished. I would love to be farther along on my challenge quilt, but I seem to work better under pressure (yeah, sure!). What I am REALLY excited about is finishing up that black and white string quilt. Remember how I had tension problems and then had to start ripping out the quilting? If it hadn’t been that I have to report to YOU ALL, that quilt would still be in a pile and would be a UFO-in-waiting! Thank you for the motivation to finish those tough ones!

This is actually my first completed string quilt!

Close up of the quilting on the front. It is my version of dwirling by Dawn Ramirez, The Pajama Quilter.

The back is a really cute bug fabric that I thought would be great for a kid’s quilt. This is ready to be donated to my guild.

Here is my finished purple butterfly quilt. This is the one that will be going to the Quilts For Kids along with the kit they sent me.

This is a very simple quilt to make as it is made from strips cut from the WOF from three coordinating fabrics.

This is just a modified quilting design I came up with as I quilted. I thought it gave it some really neat texture.

Here is the original Quilts For Kids quilt that I made from the kit I received from www.quiltsforkids.org. I don’t think I have posted a picture of it before.

The fabrics are really cute and bright….perfect for a child!

So – overall I am very pleased with what I have accomplished this week.

This week’s goals –

I didn’t get my challenge quilt finished by the 15th, which is what I was really hoping for, so my number one goal for this week is to finish my challenge quilt by Sunday evening. I was able to get my copies made for the Mirage quilt, so that is ready to start, but will probably wait until the week after. I want to finish at least four more string blocks before my guild meeting next week. We are discussing putting on an “Education Class” on how to make string blocks, so I thought the black and white string quilt, my Bali Zinger blocks, and these rectangular blocks would all be good examples, so I will try to get as many of the rectangles done as possible.

Accountability report links

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun, let us know what you have accomplished this week, and check out what others have done! Remember with my WordPress blog, you have to actually click on the link to see who has joined up and visit their sites, even if you don’t actually want to link up!

See you around this morning….(I didn’t think I would inflict the stomach flu bug on the rest of the kids and mothers who go to my Women’s Bible Study!)


3 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – 2/17/2010

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  2. You’ve really had your hands full with 2 sick kids. Poor them, hope they’re OK now and that none of the rest of you get the same bug.

    I love your strings by the way, and all the quilting you showed looks great.

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