Karen McTavish class…..

Here are the photos I promised from the Karen McTavish class I went to Monday. I had two friends there – Portia and Karla, both from my local longarm guild. I have included a photo of Karla, but I promised Portia I wouldn’t put one of her on my blog…even if it was a picture of her WITH Karen McTavish!

The hospitality from the local quilt guild was absolutely incredible! The class was held in a church, and when we walked in there were all kinds of goodies to eat, coffee, and refreshments. They also served us lunch….homemade soups, salads, desserts, fruit salads….yummy! I think I gained five pounds while I was there!

This was a four-hour wholecloth design class and Karen brought her stash of stencils for us to use. She also brought a bunch of her quilts for a trunk show after the class.

Forgive the quality of the photos – you sure can’t take good photos at a trunk show! The gals displaying the quilts kept moving them so it was hard to take decent photos…Oh well! Enjoy anyway! You can click on the photos to enlarge them!

It was a lot of fun!


One thought on “Karen McTavish class…..

  1. Whew….Thanks for not posting my mug!!! It was truly a great class and I enjoyed it so much. Karen was a hoot!!! Those ladies from the Shell Knob guild were wonderful. It was truly a worthwhile experience.

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