What we have been up to…..

What I have been up to –

I finished my February First Saturday block Thursday. This was pretty easy, and the next three months will be the same block in different fabrics.

This is my February Civil War Tribute block –

This ONE is only the first of FOUR of them! Can you see that this puppy has 65 pieces in it! In ONE block! I finished this one Friday and decided I would work on the others one per week for the next three weeks. I am praying that the March blocks are not quite so labor intensive! It also really shows me I need to watch my 1/4″ seams….I thought I wasn’t too bad, but my 15 1/2″ unfinished block ended up closer to 15 7/8″! Not good! I am glad I am doing them one block at a time. That way I have a chance to correct myself on the next three.

I will be honest also – they wouldn’t be quite so hard if I didn’t care which way the fabric is going in all those little half-square triangles. I am just OCD enough that I like the stripes all running in the same direction. All four fabrics are directional!

I also received some new thread and had to try it out on my February string quilt –

See that beautiful neon green on the thread holder? That is one of 10 cones of Rheingold thread I recently purchased from my on-line friend, Dawn Ramirez, of Pajama Quilter fame. She was having a huge inventory reduction sale and I couldn’t resist. It is a polyester thread designed for embroidery and my machine LOVES it. I was able to use it with no adjustments to tension from my normal Superior So Fine settings. The sheen of the bright thread gives this quilt a really fun feel.

I used the Urban Elementz panto Double Bubble for the first time. It worked up quickly and really added texture to the angular strings on this quilt.

Here is what the kids have been up to –

This is Mini-me’s play-do version of a T-rex dinosaur…..or a turkey gobbler….I forget which one!

Munch was in to making weights. I think she wants me to work out…..I might even be able to lift that one…..

and here is a joint effort on my white board.


One thought on “What we have been up to…..

  1. There’s been some great work going on from all 3 of you.

    I am like you about directional fabrics which is why I tend not to buy them – just makes it easier for myself that way.

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