Quilter’s Accountability Report – 3/3/2010

First a recap of February and what I accomplished this week in red….

February Goals

  1. Complete my challenge quilt by February 15
  2. Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt – continue to work on it 2 hours per week – only about 4 hours total this month
  3. Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – blocks completed and put together – not much progress on this at all!
  4. February It’s a String Thing Challenge blocksfinished and bound!
  5. Binding on the purple butterfly quilt, pack it up and mail it with my Quilts For Kids quilt
  6. Finish and bind the fall dugout place mats and table runner  – DONE!
  7. 2008 Round Robin blocks  – one row put together
  8. Finish ripping out the quilting on my black and white string quilt, quilt and bind
  9. Complete my First Saturday BOM 
  10. Complete my Civil War Tribute BOM – one block completed, three to go!
  11. Finish quilting Jeremiah 29:11, bind – nothing done

Well, I didn’t hit my goal on the Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt, but I do have the extra-large paper piecing patterns ready to go. I also didn’t do much on Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt and worked absolutely zero on the Jeremiah 29:11 quilt. I posted about the  Civil War Tribute block here – it is very labor intensive, so it will be on my list for March.

I am really tickled with what I DID get finished though! I knew my goals were ambitious…. I also finished my taxes, so the Hunter won’t be coming after me! 🙂

Here are some photos of what I finished up this week – my February black diamond string quilt, binding on Matt’s first quilt,  finished the binding on my Fall Dugout table runner and place mats. I also finished up my First Saturday block and one of the four Civil War Tribute February blocks.

Civil War Tribute – March block

First Saturday block – Surprise Lily

February Black Diamond string quilt

and the back of the string quilt

Mini-me’s first quilt….

Close up of Mini-me’s quilting

Fall Dugout UFO – table runner and placemats

and the reverse side…..

March Goals

  1. Finish Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt – their 1st anniversary is the 21st so that is my goal.
  2. Jinny Beyer Mirage quilt – finish pineapple blocks
  3. Civil War Tribute February blocks – finish one per week
  4. Shirt memory quilt
  5. 2008 Round Robin QOV blocks – finish setting the blocks, quilt, and bind (Due April 15)
  6. Start and finish March It’s a String Thing Challenge quilt
  7. Civil War Tribute March blocks
  8. Complete March First Saturday block
  9. Quilt one of my whole cloths started in Karen McTavish’s class
  10. Matt’s dinosaur quilt

Again, I am being pretty ambitious….but I have a lot I want to get done! I don’t know why I am putting off Keith and Angie’s wedding quilt so much. I am down to the wire on it, and I know I will be so relieved when it is totally done and out of my hands. It is just not much FUN!

This week’s goals –

  1. 2008 Round Robin-QOV – finish the last two rows
  2. Keith and Angie’s quilt – finish all the blocks
  3. Shirt memory quilt – go through and sort out the squares that aren’t the correct size and begin piecing it as a leader-ender project
  4. Mirage – cut out fabric for the pineapples
  5. CWT February block – complete one block

Accountability report links

You can join in the fun anytime, and for as long as you want. Have a deadline for a quilt coming up next month? Join in for a month and let us cheer you on to finish it on time! Have something you REALLY dread doing and will put off starting or finishing it until the cows come home?

You would not believe the difference in having to actually TELL someone what you have done (or not)! Don’t have a blog? Join in on the comments and leave one every week to let us know how it is going. Let me tell you, this has worked for me! It hasn’t stopped me from starting new things, but I am getting some really old stuff and difficult stuff finished!

Here is Mister Linky – join in the fun, let us know what you have accomplished this week, and check out what others have done!


I will be away from the computer today, but will check in with you all this evening!


9 thoughts on “Quilter’s Accountability Report – 3/3/2010

  1. Bari You got a lot accomplished. I love the placemats and the string quilt. I have a small tub of stings..Someday. LOL

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  3. Congratulations on all that was done.
    My Feb. Civil War BOM is in exactly the same place. I did the first block, cut out some of the other pieces, and am struggling to do the other three. One a week is a good idea.

    I’m glad I got to see the placemats and table runner in person. What a great idea to have them all together to quilt and then cut them apart.

    • We will have to goad each other on with the Civil War blocks. I have no desire to even start another one! They are ready to put together – each block in a little pile in their drawer.

      I will bring the finished place mats and table runner to guild also so everyone can see them.

    • Sue, let’s not even talk about school…..I was one of those overachievers and haven’t changed much, LOL!

      You will see things slow up over here toward the end of the month as the weather starts getting warmer. I have a garden (small!) to plant and stuff do do outside…..and the kids want to PLAY!

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